Brightener is the solo project of Silverlake power popper William Sturgeon. We know little more about him apart from the description on Bandcamp which informs us this was recorded in Palm Springs in a post-college haze. I can think of worse places to be suffering a post-uni hangover. I spent mine in Dorking, Surrey. Still nice but far less Palm trees, ultimate Frisbee and sunshine. The songs positively radiate Californian sun and transport you to LA within 30 seconds of pushing play. I’d started to daydream that I’d be going skating with Seth Cohen later that afternoon by the second track.

The mid-fi production lets the picked guitars and laid back sugary vocal melodies do all the legwork. It’s dreamy yet still direct. Fans of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Telekinesis and Bishop Allen will happily add Brightener to their record collections. In a time rife with samplers, synths and drum machines there really isn’t enough of this brand of guitar pop right now. All William needs is a Garden State or Nick & Norah to catapult him to a bigger audience and maybe, just maybe he’ll find his way on to Seth Cohen’s iPod…

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