A few weeks ago we bought you the first listen from London four-piece Whales In Cubicles. We were blown away by their previous track Never and Ever and described the song as having the ‘fuzzy sheen of Guided By Voices, the slacker vibes of Pavement and the occasional Silversun Pickups style freak-out’.

On that note, we’re very pleased to bring you the bands video to new single, We Never Win. The song is another fabulous slice of heady guitar rock and further cements their standing as one of the most exciting up-and-coming UK bands around. We also caught up with frontman Steff for a quick chat about the self-made video and their plans for 2012…

Hi! How are Whales In Cubicles today? Anything exciting planned?

We’re just really looking forward to the single coming out. It’s getting played on the radio quite a bit which is exciting. We’re having a big launch party the week before the release at the Old Blue Last in Hoxton that we’re looking forward to.

I understand you self-made your new video, was that a fun or frustrating experience?

It’s a simple performance video. Not much to say about it really except it was fun to make. We wanted something that would let the song speak for itself and I think that’s what we’ve got.

Can you sum up We Never Win in…let’s say, three sentences?

Someone called it a passive aggressive anthem, which I find frames it well. It’s a song that tries to find hope in pessimism.

Many folk describe you as sounding like a mid-nineties rock band, however your name is taken from an Andrew Bird song. Where do you think your sound sits?

There is definitely a nostalgic element and yes we are really into unpolished lo-fi music. But we love bands from every decade and all genres, the whole 90’s thing is weird cause most of the bands I love from that era, Sebadoh, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. ecc. all started making albums in the 80’s. As for the name I can’t help but admire Andrew Bird but our name has nothing to do with his music, the whale in a cubicle paradox just jumped straight at me the first time I heard it and stuck.

You’ve finished the year quite strongly, are you pleased with how 2011 has gone for you?

The highlight of 2011 was a fantastic show at Koko, the one we most enjoyed so far. The end of 2011 promises well, hope fully 2012 will be an even better year.

What is the plan for 2012? Is there a full album in the works?

We have an album’s worth and we’re currently making demos, we can’t say anything for sure yet but there will be an album next year one way or another. And a Uk tour.

Finally, whats top of your Christmas list this year?

Buzz lightyear.

*       *       *

”Never and Ever” Whales in Cubicles by Young & Lost Club

We Never Win is released on 23rd January via Young & Lost Club.



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