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It’s been a relatively quiet year for The Twilight Sad. 2013 has seen them focusing more on the live side of things; playing some stripped-back gigs as well as a special show at Paisley Abbey with The Royal Scottish National Orchestra. They’re not ending the year quietly however. December sees them play a re-scheduled Edinburgh show at Liquid Rooms, which also features the brilliant Honeyblood and Conquering Animal Sound, before they play back-to-back nights in Glasgow where they will perform their startling 2007 debut LP ‘Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters‘ in full for the first ever time.

As they gear up for these last run of shows, and with the studio apparently booked for next year, we grabbed a quick chat with James Graham to find out a little more about it all. We also have a rather brilliant prize to give away to one lucky entrant, which includes a couple of tickets to the Edinburgh show as well as a bundle of signed stuff, including vinyl, tees and a tote bag. To enter, simply email us;

Good luck! Check out the interview here;

December is looking pretty fun for you, with the Edinburgh show and then the special ‘Fourteen Autumns’ shows. Are you all ready to go?

Pretty much, we’ve got to do a few more practices before the gigs. The Edinburgh show will be a mixture of our three records and the set list for the “Fourteen Autumns” shows pretty much writes itself, apart from a few surprises. I’m looking forward to it. It’s always good to be busy over the festive period. We’ve been doing a Glasgow gig at Christmas for a few years now. We’re also putting together a wee Xmas Present at the moment for people who like the band, which I’m excited for everyone to get.

When did you decide to do the Fourteen Autumns shows and was there anything in particular that prompted the decision?

It was suggested to us and to be honest I wasn’t too sure about it at first. Then I had a think about it and it made perfect sense to do it. We’re going in to the studio in January to record our new record and to me it was a nice way to look back before we moved forward. The past seven years have flown by and this year has been the only time I’ve really been able to sit down and reflect on what’s happened to us and where we are as a band. I never listen to our records once they’ve been released but I’ve had to listen to ‘Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters’ a lot recently to relearn some of the songs. As soon as I listened to it the memories of that time and writing/recording/touring that album all came back to me – really good memories I might add. We were young and very naive, we had no idea what being in a band was like or all about. I wish I could go back and tell myself what I know now and to embrace/enjoy/appreciate what was going on at that time and not to worry so much (I’m a bit of a worrier).

Did you have any apprehensions about doing them or was it an easy decision to make?

I definitely did. I thought people might be like “why are they doing that?” or “It’s not even a special Anniversary”. Then it I thought about it and came to this conclusion. We’ve been doing this for seven years now and we’re very lucky that we’ve been able to make three records. Bands have a very short life span these days and we might never get the chance to do something special like this again in our hometown. The shows also make a lot of sense due to what we’ll be announcing next week 😉

They sold-out straight away – were you surprised by how quickly they did so?

I had a feeling that the shows would be popular as I know that our debut really means a lot to people, but I didn’t think that they would sell out so quickly. I suppose it just shows us how much the record means to people. I’m a glass half empty kind of person and I always expect the worst/limit my expectations, so when the gigs sold out in less than 2 hours I was blown away. I had a few celebratory drinks that night. To anyone who bought tickets that day; Thank you very much. You put a smile on this miserable bastards face.

How proud are you of that record?

Very proud. I’m proud of all of our records, they all reflect a certain time in my life. Going back and listening to “Fourteen Autumns” was a strange experience but a really good one. I’ve said this before but you only get one chance at making your debut album and whilst ours didn’t set the world on fire or sell hundreds of thousands of copies, I think its a special record that obviously means a lot to the people who have discovered it.

You told everyone recently that the studio has been booked. Any more word on when that’s going to be happening?

Yeah we record in January, I’m very excited about it.

Have you started writing songs for the next album yet?

We’ve been writing the record for a while now and I’d say we’ve written 90% of it. We’ll keep writing up until the day we go into the studio. I really love the new songs. Just like every other record, we’ve put everything into these songs. I think I’ve written some of my best lyrics on this one and there’s one song in particular where I put it all out there, which is pretty scary. It made my friend greet (cry) like a wee baby.

Finally – best and worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Best = Scalextrix, Sega Game Gear, Maltesers

Worst = Socks. I said one year that I think “Socks are a shit present” and since saying that have received at least one pair every year.


The Twilight Sad play at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh on Saturday December 14th.

They play King Tuts in Glasgow on December 20th and 21st.

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