More so stealing the scene than livestock, enter triad force Rebecca, Emily and Lucy of Stealing Sheep and their debut album Into The Diamond Sun. Zesty like a Martini with glitter on the rim, this Liverpudlian lo-fi pop group swirl the cocktail stick to create a kaleidoscope of otherworldly sounds in their first full-length release, on the Heavenly Recordings label. With a sound concoction mixing the folk soundtrack of a black and white movie (twists and turns aplenty), a drug-induced stargazing playlist, and pop and punk splashes to sweeten the soup, these girls have a lot to offer. First single “Shut Eye” is a viral success (let’s pray you’re hearing it here first, and not in the Hollyoaks advert), a jazzy introduction to the necessary new fix for those addicted to Chew Lips, Metronomy and other such musical amphetamines.

We caught up with the band to ask them about all the fun their currently having…

How did you form and what has been your most defining/memorable moment as a band?

We formed about 2 years ago in Liverpool. We knew each other from the amazing music scene in Liverpool at the moment. We’ve each got other bands and it was through those bands we met each other and started Stealing Sheep. Pretty straight forward really, sorry! The most defining and memorable moment as a band in my opinion was having a radio interview with Nick Grimshaw. Something about it stuck in my head. He was so friendly and chatty and we were manic and we ate all his biscuits…

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard your stuff before?

I would describe it as psychedelic doom pop. I like those words.

What would you say to someone reluctant to listen to your music (how would you convince them)?

I’d say- “Go ‘ed! It’s 3 girls singing and playing instruments! What more do you want?!”

(Tired out question but sort of necessary) What artists are your biggest influences?

We like Field Music and Paddy Steer and Bjork and Tom Waits and Moondog and Eden Ahbez and Amon Duul and Tinariwen. There you go, there’s some for yer.

What is the craziest live experience you’ve had? Or craziest experience in general that being a band has led you to?

It’s just mad all the time. Nothing really crazy has happened so far. It’s exciting getting picked up from venues and getting driven really fast to radio interviews and then doing them really fast and then driving to another city and all that. I like the speed of it all. Maybe the craziest things we do are all in the car when we’re all exhausted and making ridiculous conversation that would never make sense to an “outside human”… and being generally confused. It’s internal craziness.

What has been your favourite live show to date? How about favourite song to play live?

I liked Pohoda festival in Slovakia. The crowd got bigger and bigger as we played. People were asking us to sign their arms. And I liked the gig we played in Basel on a European tour we did about 2 months. The crowd were really close and responsive and dancing and all. That was good. I also liked a recent gig we played at the Kazimier Garden in Liverpool, we had all our mates on the stage dancing and singing along. Yeah!!

If you could support any band, even ones that are disbanded, who would you choose and why?

I want to support Dirty Projectors. The Left Hand. It’s Murder Beams. Paddy Steer!!

Where can people hear/buy your music? What has been released and what especially can we look forward to with Into The Diamond Sun?

You can hear our music on Spotify, Soundcloud, ITunes, Rough Trade, Probe, Piccadilly Records, Truck Store, HMV, Radio, live shows, in yer head, loads of places. We’ve released a mini album called “Noah And The Paper Moon” which is a collection of all of our EP’s and then we’re going to release “Into The Diamond Sun”. You can expect joyous weirdness in a mystical adventurous way. Maybe… Who knows?

What was the inspiration behind the album? The story behind Shut Eye and its video perhaps?

The inspiration behind this album is discovery and adventures. And learning and growing.

The story behind “Shut Eye” is a mysterious story that works in silent ways that no-body knows…

What is an interview question you’ve always wanted to be asked but never have?

No-body has ever asked us how long it takes to set up our instruments. I can set my sheepy drum kit up in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

What is your song (or) album (or) artist recommendation for the summer?

“Ex-Easter Island Head” are my favourite band right now. I can’t get enough. They’re based in Liverpool. They play guitars percussively. I love them. And “All We Are”. And “King Twit”


Words and interview by Caroline Bursell


Upcoming live shows;

Saturday 4 August – HERTFORDSHIRE – Standon Calling

Wednesday 8 August – LONDON – Rough Trade East (In-store album launch)

Friday 10 August – LYMINGTON – Kneedeep Festival

Friday 17 August – GLANUSK – Greenman Festival

Sunday 19 August – EDINBURGH – Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh festival show)

Tuesday 21 August – LONDON – White Heat @ Madame JoJo’s

Saturday 1 September – KENT – In The Woods Festival

Saturday 8 September – ISLE OF WIGHT – Bestival

Saturday 15 September – PORTMERION – Festival No.6

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