There is something completely loveable about Oxford five-piece Spring Offensive. The music they make has that rare ability to be heartfelt but never saccharine, instant but always inventive. Listening to the band will more than likely lead to you wanting to scream the bands name from the nearest rooftop, however if the quality of their output continues in the same vein as latest single Worry Fill My Heart then there won’t be a need for such drastic measures.

The band are currently touring mainland Europe and we sent them some questions to find out how they were getting on…

Hi! Where in the world are you, and what does today hold?

We’re just getting into Basel in Switzerland, where we’re playing tonight at Parterre. It’s our second time here, and it is already one of our favourite towns to play.

You’re currently on tour in Europe; how’s it all going? Any interesting stories to share so far?

Tonight’s the last show of the tour, and this week has all been in Germany. It’s been amazing. We’ve had great crowds for every show, and have been charmed by everyone here. Maybe the most interesting thing that happened was in Nuremberg, where Theo’s rig decided to break down mid-way through the gig, so we finished the set by playing acoustically at the front of the stage. No one minded, and in fact a bunch of people said they were kind of glad they got to see it. We also got to play and spend the night in a World War 2 bunker in Aachen. That was pretty interesting too.

Do the European crowds differ from the crowds back home?

In Europe the gig-going culture seems to be a bit healthier maybe. Germany has recently over-taken the UK in terms of market share for music, and you can feel that people at shows are more excited to be there on the whole. It isn’t so much about having a drink and a chat, it’s more about enjoying the gig. And people are more inclined to talk to us after the show.

What has been your favourite city to play so far?

In the UK, on this tour, we had our best show in London (which packed and the first night of the tour), but the Newcastle and Liverpool ones were particularly fun as well. But in Germany they have all been brilliant. This isn’t an exaggeration. We’ve had great nights every time, been impeccably looked after and have made friends everywhere. It’s quite humbling. Aachen, Mainz, Nuremberg and Heidelberg. I’m just sorry we didn’t get to spend more time there.

What’s currently on the tour bus stereo?

The drives have been quite long so we’ve had quite a lot of different music on. Amadou & Mariam, Kankouran, Mammal Club, Moderat, The Dirty Three, bags of The National, Stornoway, Villagers, All We Are, Jethro Fox, I Like Trains, To Kill A King, First Aid Kit, Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club, Andrew Bird, Brontide…… There’s been a lot more than this, but I can’t remember any of it right now.

Worry Fill My Heart seemed to go down really well. Were you pleased with the reaction?

Over the moon. People have really responded to the track, and particularly the lyrics. It’s great to hit the road and meet fans up and down the country and abroad who say that it really speaks to them and their situation. That’s what it’s about, that’s why we do this.

Is there a full-length/EP on the way too?

At the moment we’re focused entirely on writing and getting our music our to people. We’re really happy with how things are, and though we’re always working towards an album, we can’t say for sure when it’ll be. When it comes, we’ll make sure it’s great.

What can you tell us about your musical backgrounds?

We’ve played together a fair bit growing up, and kind of learned our instruments together in that respect. When we started with this band a couple of years ago, it felt very natural. We’re also massive singing and harmony geeks.

How about your songwriting process? Does it tend to vary much?

In general Matt starts things off, and then Lucas and Matt work and expand on lyrics and ideas, and then Theo joins in, and then the rest of the band turn it into a song. Occasionally it happens differently.

What does the summer hold for you, are you hitting some festivals?

Mostly we’ll be writing this summer, but we’re playing a fair few festivals along the way. There’s more that we can’t talk about yet, but we’ll be at Kendal Calling, Truck Festival and Imagine in Switzerland. Watch this space though, because there will be more dates. It’s going to be a good summer.

Thanks for your time!

No, thank you!

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