“Death? Afterworld? Android lovers dying in the streets bleeding green blood? Homeless girls? Dogs stranded here from other planets?” 

The above is the opening line from the press release for  ‘Antenna to the Afterworld‘; the dazzling and exuberant new record from Sonny & The Sunsets. And it’s a record that genuinely, and rather touchingly, takes in all of those things, but also one that remains brilliantly human.

The record was released last week via the wonderful Polyvinyl – and we grabbed a quick chat with Sonny in an attempt to find out a little more about the whole project. I’m not sure we succeeded…

Sad circumstances surround the record. Was it a difficult decision to put them in to song?

Nah, stuff just comes out without decisions being made.

Despite those circumstance, it’s a somewhat upbeat sounding record. Was that the plan from the start or did it just come out that way?

Nah there was no plan. No plans, no decisions.

Many of the lyrics were inspired by a visit to a Medium. What can you tell us about that day?

Yes, it was intense. The psychic told me there was someone there to see me, that wanted to speak to me, that had a message for me. The psychic described the person and I realized it was a woman by the name of Nancy who had died a year earlier. Nancy had a teenage son who had committed suicide. She was very sad of course, and a year or two later she died peacefully in her sleep. Through the psychic, Nancy told me not to get too comfortable with loneliness, as she had done, to go out and live. This could be what many psychics say, I have no idea, and I don’t care really, I enjoyed that day a lot, and it made me think about the afterworld quite a bit.

What were your views on psychics/mediums before that meeting?

I believe in everything. I always have. ghosts, afterlife, reincarnation, ESP, telekinesis, clairvoyance, mystics, shamans, psychics, miracles, the force, aliens. I believe it all.

What did you learn from that experience?


Green Blood tells the tale of an affair with a spaceling. Where did the idea from that track come from? Would you like to date a spaceling?

I was in love with someone from another planet, a strange alien being, and that’s the song I wrote for us. Yes I would certainly date a spaceling. I would be excited to date a spaceling.

Antenna To The Afterworld is a markedly different record than Longtime Companion. How did the writing and recording processes compare?

It was the exact same. Me writing in my notebook and then a few friends making songs come to life in a room.

How are your Summer plans shaping up?

I have another appointment to see the psychic in two weeks. I’m very excited!

‘Antenna To The Afterworld’ is out now, via Polyvinyl.

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