I’m not going to try and pretend to be an expert, but I’m sure there is a lot to be written by someone, somewhere, about the art of the remix. That person, however, isn’t me. I’m the person who sits in his room grinning broadly and swaying manically as fractured teenage nostalgia and fresh beats pour through my speakers. Yep, I’m a sucker for a good remix, and nobody has bought me more pleasure in these last few months than Follow Me;¬†a duo who first dropped into our consciousness thanks to their floral re-working of TLC’s pop-smash Unpretty. A quick trawl through their Soundcloud page digs up a host of gems, from Aaliyah and Brandy to their latest work; a wondrous take on the Isley BrothersPrize Possession and – released today – this funky-as-hell¬†take on the Soul II Soul classic Back To Life.

In one of their first ever interviews the duo tell us a little bit about their craft and a lot about intergalactic travel and saving the world…

Hello. What are you up to today?


Would you like to introduce yourselves for us…

We are Follow Me. Two Extra-Dimensional Shamans sent to this universe to help guide mankind through the December 2012 Cosmic Rebirth.

How long have you been working as ‘Follow Me‘?

We started making music together just over a year ago, but the Follow Me mission begins millions of years ago in a distant ancient future passed…..and we played on the same Ice Hockey team back in our earliest days here on Planet Earth…so for deep.

What are your backgrounds before that?

We built the Great Pyramids at Giza on September 21st, 10,000 BC earth time (and the Sphynx too, obviously)

Have you been pleased with the reaction to your work this year?

Definitely. There are so many talented artists trying to get their vibes heard right now so we consider it a real honor to have so many listeners and supporters during this early stage of our project.

How do you decide which tracks to rework?

We just go with what feels right. Sometimes we’ll hear an old track playing while we are hanging out somewhere and get inspired. I was getting a breakfast burrito when I heard TLC’s ‘Unpretty’ for the first time in what felt like a decade. It reminded me of my youth…I knew what I had to do.

This new remix came about because Soul II Soul came on at a bar and a friend immediately said we should remix it. She was right.

Which has been your favourite remix so far?

They are all special to us in their own way, each represents a different stage of our evolution as a project.

What do you think the key is to a great mix?

You have to pay homage to the original track while still finding a way to represent your own personal vibe. It has to provide people an unexpected new twist in the story while still making them nostalgic about the first time they heard the original.

Do you record your own songs as well? Can we expect to hear some in the future?

For sure. The remixes are a fun thing we do on the side, down time vibes if you will, but we are always recording original stuff, and you can definitely expect to hear a lot of it in the future.

What’s the plan going forward?

Making sure everything goes smoothly for you all this December. If we are able to usher in the next Celestial Session successfully we intend on remaining here on your planet for at least another thousand years before heading back to the dimension we came from.


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