Lets face it, Everything Everything are just about the most original and awe inspiring band to debut in 2010 – and we’ve had some great artists this year! Their first L.P Man Alive is flying off the shelves, not that we’re suprised; perfect harmonies, falsettos and some fucking crazy lyrics, Everything Everything are pretty much a perfect package. We’ve had a Favourite Five and now it’s time for a full length heart to heart. Are you excited? We were!

Hi Everything Everything, how’re you?
Pretty good, tired and excited like Christmas reindeer
You’re highly anticipated debut album ‘Man Alive’ is on the brink of being released; tell us a bit about the concept?
There are certain themes which crop up again and again when I read back through all the lyrics, I guess overall the album is about hope and possibility. It’s equally dark and light in mood, with humour and horror. Lots of the time I write about an imagined future for the world, and often about how it all got started too.
How long did it take to create start to finish?
Well, the songs were written over a period of years, but the recording took a few 2 week stints in a welsh haunted farm, with dribs and drabs spent in London tidying up. Mixing, mastering, all that stuff dragged out for several months – we were very determined to get it right!
I bet! Talk us through the Everything Everything songwriting process?
Usually it begins on guitar, piano or laptop, then I transfer it to laptop in a basic arrangement, then take that laptop demo to the band where we improve it in every way we can, changing structure or parts or feel.
Which tracks on the album are your favourite to perform live?
Tin (the manhole) is a favourite because it really captures an audience and is very different to the rest of the set – also we hardly play anything in it so it’s very easy. The outro section of Schoolin’ is another highlight for us because we get to just play together without worrying about singing.
How is ‘Man Alive’ different to other recent indie albums?
It’s fairly diverse and works on lots of levels, it’s also very unpredictable – from moment to moment, song to song.
Why did you choose the artwork you did for the album?
One of the songs (Tin) deals with the theme of depression through the story of an urban fox that ingests all our pollution and grows massively in a sort of dream sequence. We chose photos of an urban fox for this reason, but we partly attacked the code of the digital image to create a glitch distortion which permeates all the campaign artwork – a reference to digital manipulation and chaos as well as our modern lives online and all that jazz.
What’s your favourite festival to play at and to go to?
Glastonbury, hands down.
What are you looking forward to this year?
Playing the album tracks live to an audience that actually knows them!

Everything Everything are touring in 2010:

Bestival – Isle of Wight
Academy 2 – Liverpool
Bodega – Nottingham
King Tuts – Glasgow
Talking Heads – Southampton
ARU – Cambridge
Scala SOLD OUT – London
Plug – Sheffield
Academy 2 – Oxford
Cockpit – Leeds
Thekla – Bristol
Deaf Institute SOLD OUT – Manchester
Cluny – Newcastle
Iceland Airwaves Festval – Reykjavik
Anson Rooms – Bristol (supporting Klaxons)
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