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by tom johnson

If anything showcases the sheer strength of unity, that props so much of the musical world up, it’s the new album from Maryland-duo Infinity Crush. Hampered by “debilitating depression and overwhelming dissatisfaction” in the couple of years since the project’s last release, Caroline White would eventually turn to friends to help craft beautiful new album ‘Warmth Equation’, itself an ode to the her late Father whose passing acted as the most strikingly personal of inspirations for said record.

Recorded in various spaces across their home state and beyond, including the homes of both Derrick Brandon and White, the record is a move away from the immediate rawness of past Infinity Crush recordings to something far more established sound. Case-in-point being ‘Heaven‘, the first track to be heard from the record and a beautiful initial-step; a swirling, poignant voice in the dark and one which instantly marks the subsequent full-length out as one of 2016’s most compelling remembrances.

I think recording with others is the only reason that this album was able to be finished,” White says of the recording as it stands today. “In retrospect, their motivation and excitement about my music was pivotal and I really, really needed it.” Despite this no-doubt pivotal assistance it’s still her own, endlessly fascinating, voice that stands as the anchor-weight at the heart of it all. On ‘Heaven’ it carries a sweeping kind of power; the most subtle reverberation that can upset the surrounding silence like a hammer-blow. Dripping with an overwhelmingly weighty sense of atmosphere, Brandon’s careful touch is also prominently important, helping to piece together a two-and-a-half minute track that feels much more imposing than its running-time might suggest.

Tenderly executed and blessed with the kind of soft power that can slow the day down to a sobering slow-crawl, the track feels like a distinctly important exhibit – and you can stream it below.

‘Warmth Equation’ is released later this year, via Joy Void

You can pre-order it here


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