C Duncan | For

by Tom Johnson

When telling people about this website I usually go out of my way to stress the point that this isn’t a blog. It’s a musical webzine, I tell them, passionately written, sure, but informed and considered and never overtly personal and never anything to do with what I had for dinner that day, or which childhood memories were running through my head as I listened to this or that song. I’ll undo all of this dedicated work right now though and tell that you I’ve spent much of the last few weeks in something of a haze, travelling around different corners of this Island for a variety of reasons, good, sad and indifferent. And all the while the new track from latest FatCat signing C Duncan has quietly embedded itself in to the fibres of the muscles that carried me. ‘For’ is astoundingly petite, the kind of swaying prettiness that invokes indelible foresight from the first whistle to way, way beyond the last one has trailed off in to the distance.

Initially catching the label’s attention after uploading his work to their demo submission pages, ‘For’ marks the first step in a journey that will blossom with a debut album some time next year. What strikes the most is the unhurried consideration of it all, a weightless presentment that thrives and prospers by never really saying anything at all. It’s a graceful and ambiguous sketch; an adorned piece of a puzzle that gives away nothing of the final picture. We highly recommend that you check it out below.





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