First Listen:

I’m Glad It’s You



by tom johnson

6131 Records presented something of a side-step when they released Julien Baker’s incredible debut last year, skewing their better-known blueprint of punk/emo records to release that decidedly more fragile beast – and praise be that they did. Pushing that more vociferous train firmly back on its tracks, however, the label will release the fiery new full-length from I’m Glad It’s You this-coming November and available for pre-order here as of today.

Ahead of the release, we’re very pleased to unveil another new cut from the record today in the form of the powerful, magnetising swell of “Curbside“, a track which showcases the band’s own subtle turn to a more melodic songwriting style, compared to the intense emo of their earlier releases.

Initially a subdued and tender display, the tracks leaps in to life after the opening minute and quickly takes an altogether more vehement path, the vocals hardening, the instrumentation following suit, and the whole thing bursting forwards with renewed vigour. “If you didn’t stand by me, I’d still be alone,” they cry as the tracks leaps in to its final passage, filling the space with the kind of impassioned, heart-on-sleeve exuberance that can flip the whole mood of your day with one fresh-faced blast of its rugged demeanour. Check it out below.

“The Things I Never Say” LP is released on November 4th, via 6131 Records

You can pre-order it here


photograph by zach miller


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