Orange Peel Moniker

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

There’s a classic sense of Americana running through ‘Orange Peel Moniker‘, the sumptuous new pop song from iji – a vibrant space where the hazy, dreamlike spread of such a gigantic country meets small-world endeavours and creates something fascinatingly, minutely charming.

Mixing new-world flourishes with something far more antiquated – the track almost recalls REM’s early ability to craft something strikingly dynamic from bizarre twists of the tongue – the new song is a perfect fit for the on-rushing summer, slowly growing slowly in to life to, mirroring a day spent journeying towards something far greater than itself.

Shaped by Zach Burba’s soft-centred vocal, and informed greatly both by the floral display of the instrumentation and the skewed lyrical presentation (“Vision of the mind assembling, I can’t remember anything. Old receptions coming in. Green pen, Thousand Island, Reno sweatshirt. You understand. But I wrote this down, Orange Peel Moniker…”) the track is a playful, but surprisingly affecting, three-minute-pop-gem – and you can stream it below right now.

‘Bubble’ LP is released on July 29th, via Team Love Records

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photograph by erin birgy

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