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Ian Wayne

Gimme Something


words by tom johnson

You don’t need to know that the tracks which make up Ian Wayne’s new album were all recorded live, but it adds an extra layer of intrigue to what is already shaping up to be one of the Autumn’s most sombrely compelling full-lengths.

Such a fact also explains the cracks on show here, the dusty details that haven’t been smoothed out during the process and instead stand proud and true at the forefront of it all. New track ‘Gimme Something’ is indicative of such a thing, the gentle muddiness of it, the rich earthiness of its delivery only adding to the intriguing shape of its spell.

Written “in the wake of personal tragedy”, the new album can be seen as a direct response to grief and all of the myriad forms through which it presents itself. Such heavy material never comes across mundane, however, even here on the new track, the sentiment that “everything was falling apart” seems to find a balance, a counterweight to keep the splintering pieces in their rightful, and more hopeful, place.

Released via the consistently excellent Whatever’s Clever label, the songs here belong distinctly to Ian, but are beautifully fleshed out by a band consisting of Keith Nelson on keyboards, Andrew Stocker (Horse Teeth, Ben Seretan) on bass, and Dan Knishkowy (Adeline Hotel, Ben Seretan) on drums. The full album arrives on September 18th, but you can listen to the wonderful new track right now. Dig in below…


‘Risking Illness’ is released September 18th, via Whatever’s Clever

You can pre order it via Bandcamp


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