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words by tom johnson

The semi-warped musical patterns that Hypoluxo crafts have always had the kind of sway that you can’t really place; like being lost in an undiscovered city, like being lost in the arms of someone new. It also feels decidedly penned for, or perhaps shaped by, the summer. Which is to say that it clings, an atmosphere that sits like a blanket across the skin, surrounding you as you walk, informing each and every painstaking movement. It’s beautiful, too, again in ways that you can’t really decipher or pass on to someone else. It exists, formed but somewhat formless, and it hits. Over and over again.

The quartet’s forthcoming Taste Buds EP (Broken Circles, Aug 3rd) is indicative of such ambiguous things. Mostly it rocks, in their own measured way, coursing through the veins to stir something anxious, jittery, and thrilling. New track “Nevada”, which is premiering below from today, offers something more refined and hypnotic than that, however, lilting between brooding guitar lines and similarly staticky vocals. I’d never likened them to The National before but “Nevada” quietly devastates in much the same way as that band’s weirder and earlier work. “It was a long way, what can I say because you took us to the wrong place. You don’t know what to do, you lost the map tying your shoe…and it’s a problem,” purrs the track, wine-smiled and stumbling, flailing for answers in a world that never gives such things up easily.

A quietly powerful pop song that subtly shifts the light in the room, wherever and however you find it, you can stream the new track below right now. The full EP arrives next month.

‘Taste Buds’ is released on August 3rd, via Broken Circles


June 21st Savannah, GA – El-Rocko Lounge
June 22nd Tallahassee, FL – Art Prison
June 23rd West Palm Beach, FL – Respectable Street
June 24th Miami, FL – The Perfect Trip: Miami Psych Fest The Bridge
June 26th Orlando, FL – Henao Contemporary Center w/ TONSTARTSSBANDHT
June 28th New Orleans, LA – The Palace
June 29th Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas
June 30th Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
July 1st Dallas, TX – Armoury, D.E.
July 2nd OKC – Warehouse B
July 3rd Memphis, TN – House show
July 4th Nashville, TN – House of Malta
July 5th Louisville, KY – Kaiju
July 6th Cincinnati, OH – The Comet
July 7th Buffalo, NY – Sewing Souls Studios
July 8th Boston, MA – Trixies Palace
July 9th Bloomfield, CT – Village Pizza



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