Hovvdy – Problem

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

While that weird name, Hovvdy, might initially lend itself to some form of detachment – alienation, even – just one listen to the band’s new single stirs feelings quite the opposite. Withdrawn and sullen though it is, ‘Problem‘, the lead track from their forthcoming full-length, feels remarkably familiar and ingrained, like a submerged sadness that can’t be placed, like that half-buried tug of wanting, for something, anything, else.

Released via a collaboration between Merdurhaus Records and Sports Day Records, the duo’s new album will be called Taster and will be released on April 15th, and follows their previous two EPs which are well worth exploring over on their Bandcamp page. Speaking of the new record, Will Taylor said:

“”Hovvdy came on unexpectedly. Charlie and I only began collaborating soon after we were introduced to each other at the end of 2014. Over the past six months we’ve been all over Texas borrowing/renting equipment and recording Taster in friends and family’s houses. Despite not playing with each other for very long, we’re really proud of this album and how direct it sounds.”

As already alluded to, the Taster LP is preceded by new track ‘Problem‘ and it’s a beautifully compelling starting-point; a sunken anthem for a grey day that perfectly sets the mood for what follows on this wonderful album. The guitars sway languidly like trees caught in the bracing breeze, while that most lacklustre of vocals portrays a removed sense of sadness, solemnity…a quiet ache for things that you can already feel slipping away while you sit by and watch it happen. In spite of, or perhaps because of, this there’s a real beauty to ‘Problem‘ too, a comeliness that paints pictures of faded childhood memories, of towns and people left behind. Spend some time with it below.

Taster is released this April.


Upcoming tour dates:

March 16th-19th – Austin, Tx
April 5th – Nashville, TN
April 6th – Athens, OH
April 7th – Oberlin, OH
April 8th – Philadelphia, PA
April 9th – New York, NY
April 10th – Brooklyn, NY
April 11th – Washington, DC
April 12th – Richmond, VA
April 13th – Athens, GA
April 14th – New Orleans, LA
April 15th – Austin, TX





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