Feature | Holy Shit!

by Tom Johnson

Yep, you read it correctly. To celebrate hitting 4000 twitter followers and 2000 facebook ‘likes’ in the same couple of weeks, here are seven moments from GFP’s lifetime that sent a shiver down our spine, made us raise our eyebrows and whisper those immortal words… “HOLY SHIT!” It’s slightly indulgent, but you can forgive us this once, right?

Youth Lagoon | July

Quite simply the best demo we’ve heard in our three-and-a-half years. There was just this and Cannons on his Soundcloud page and it felt like falling in love for the first time. Also one of the only times we’ve felt like we were properly ahead of the game (we’re not that cool) as, I think I’m right in saying, his first ever interview was with GoldFlakePaint. This song still floors me every time. So perfectly balanced and constructed and delivered. It makes my chest both heavy and light at the same time.


Micah P. Hinson | Take Off That Dress For Me (GoldFlakePaint Session)

Micah is one of my favourite ever song-writers, and one of only a few times when I’ve felt a little star-struck when meeting someone. His debut album was on of those records for me during a rough time and that always makes things a little bizarre; coupled with the fact that Micah is a crazy old cat. Anyway, we sat in a tiny damp, dark and cold room at the back of Thekla in Bristol and he played two songs for us and it felt incredibly special for me, a total fanboy experience. It turns out he’s one of the most interesting and endearing people you could ever hope to meet, too. Which is nice.


Japandroids | Younger Us

Can a song change your life? Probably not, in itself. There are times when it feels like it, but it’s probably more a case of a song just happening to be there at the right time. WHATEVER. Let’s pretend it’s possible just this once because I’m a romantic bastard at-heart. Younger Us by Japandroids changed my life. I vividly remember the day I first heard it. It hit me right away. I walked to the fields at the end of my road, got a bit drunk, watched the sunset, listened to it about thirty times in a row and decided to move to Bristol in the hope that I could start a new chapter where, I don’t know, I would meet someone from Scotland who would happily get out of bed for me not matter when or why.


The Twilight Sad | The Wrong Car (GoldFlakePaint Acoustic Session)

The very same day that I moved to Bristol (seamless link) we filmed this session with James and Andy from the ‘Sad. They were, and still very much are, one of my favourite ever bands so it was a special moment for me personally and also rather eye-opening in terms of what we could achieve with the blog now that we were based in a city with a real musical pedigree. Trumping all of that, however, is the fact that this very version of The Wrong Car has turned out to be one of my favourite ever Twilight Sad songs. James’ vocals are astonishing. The guy who owned the gallery that we filmed in said he could hear them in the coffee shop across the street. There is no microphone.


Empty Pools | Vanderbilt Cup (The Soft ‘Long Island’ mix)

Putting our compilations together, and seeing peoples reaction to them, is probably the most gratifying GFP-related event. Lacking any ability to create my own music means that these comp’s are probably the closest I’ll ever get to releasing something of my own. Finding the songs, working on the tracklisting, putting together the artwork… I spend so much time on it all and I’m really proud of what we’ve released so far. For our first ever compilation I asked The Soft to remix Empty Pools because I thought it was something that would work really well together. The result was this jaw-dropping, near ten-minute electronic beast that only exists, essentially, because of me – and THAT makes me feel like a total badass (which is an incredibly rare event, I promise you).


Belle Mare | The Boat Of A Fragile Mind

One of the most taxing things about running this funny old website is dealing with the inbox. On a good day it’s 50/60 emails. On a bad day, it’s 100+. Most of it is terrible. Really, really terrible. Anyway, one dreary and dark afternoon, that perfectly reflected my bad mood, I opened an email from Belle Mare and time simply stopped. That voice flooded the room and it filled my veins and my day and it felt like magic. A beautiful and much-needed reminder of just why I do all of this nonsense.

<3 U BM.


Kissed Her Little Sister | Catfish

OFFICIALLY the best record of 2012 according to a semi-popular, semi-niche music blog, Sailor by Kissed Her Little Sister perfectly exemplifies both the highs and the lows of being a music blogger. The high? Finding a record as good as this, that hardly anyone is writing about, and being able to give it a small leg up and reach a slightly wider audience. The low? Not being able to reach every person on the planet, grab them by the shoulders, and convince them that their would be better if they would only walk around their city with this album playing in their ears. Trust us, dammit. This album will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (or at least make it a lot, lot, lot better).


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