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Holiday Ghosts

Can’t Bear To Be Boring


words by ross jones

Releasing their resounding first full-length next week with PNKSLM, Falmouth’s Holiday Ghosts have shared the closing number from the record, the sprightly and vital “Can’t Bear To Be Boring”. A sharp as a tack two and a half minutes that ensures it says everything it wants to within that time, it’s a laconic look at those who can’t deal with just being themselves, who have to draw up elaborate tales to an indeterminable scale to feel acceptance or approval.

Katja Rackin’s seemingly breathless wordplay is pointed and deposing, exhibiting a quiet calm that ensures the grounding being given resonates even further. “Find out something real and then smash it into pieces, to comfort all your thoughts when you start to feel the pretence.” As their off kilter harmonies vibrate around a sudden, emphatic chorus, the unadorned melodies burn bright and Holiday Ghosts fundamental qualities come to the fore – an uncompromising dynamism exhibiting itself amongst a harmonic combination of intelligent perspective and catchy as heck songwriting.

Holiday Ghosts is available from September 22nd via PNKSLM. Listen to Can’t Bear To Be Boring below.

UK Tour

Sep 16 – Portreath – Dada Bazar
Sep 22 – Falmouth – Woodlane Social Club
Sep 28 – Plymouth – The Junction
Sep 29 – London – The Slime Ball @ The Old Blue Last
Sep 30 – Sheffield – Delicious Clam
Oct 1 – Liverpool – TBC
Oct 2 – Bristol – The Old England
Oct 31 – Bristol – Southbank Club



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