Hiva Oa



by tom johnson


“There are many recurring themes throughout the EP. Although Seskinore embraces the EP’s central themes of fear, loneliness, isolation, this track specifically deals with the uncertainty, abandonment and the sense of awakening following a return to our home country after many years away.”

Having left Edinburgh to return to their native Ireland, Stephen Houlihan and Christine Tubridy shrunk away from city to life to take some time to reflect, and also to start piecing together Hiva Oa’s next-step; the fruit of which appears with the release of their new EP, mk ii (part 1), later this Autumn.

Still sounding distinctly unique, lead track ‘A Great Height’ was a wonderfully promising return, and such expectations are raised even further thanks to the weighty brilliance of new track ‘Seskinore‘ which is premiering below from today. Epic in scope, the track bubbles along on a steely, fractured undercurrent of shuffling percussion which builds towards an emphatically fiery final minute or so. Meanwhile Houlihan’s most solid of vocals simply lets fly over the top of said instrumentation, not guiding the track, per se, but simply running wild within its ever-shifting boundaries, conjuring images of gloomy rural landscapes and the powerful, daunting expanses that such nights bring.

A heavyweight, wonderfully compelling next-step, you can listen to the new track below right now.

mk 11 (part 1) is released on September 16th.

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