Hiding Place

Hiding Place” EP


by tom johnson

Like the changing of the season that us Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are currently creeping through, there’s a distinct sense of foreboding greyness running right through the heart of Hiding Place’s new self-titled EP, released this coming Friday via Alternatives Label. Moody sentiments juxtaposed by an almost restless sense of journeying, the four-track EP meanders between emo-like postures and the more straight-up elements of its indie rock forefathers.

Reminiscent of Lydia’s heavy-hearted reflections, with a big dash of Modern Baseball’s sincere but often buoyant intensity, ‘Hiding Place‘ never shies away from wearing its own heart on its sleeve for all to see; whether ripping through the empowered opening track ‘Slave To Your Name‘ or rolling back the layers to present something far more understated on acoustic closing track ‘Desperate Desire‘.

World-weary and full of longing but graced with the charm of an old-friendship revisited, the EP is a perfect companion to the encroaching autumn; a brief journey through some grey and foggy landscape with all the melancholy that such travails often produce. Stream it in full, below, ahead of Friday’s release.

The ‘Hiding Place; EP is out 09/09 via Alternatives Label

You can pre-order it here


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