The next ten years (of tears)…

Today, May 14th 2020, is the 10th anniversary of GoldFlakePaint.

We made it!

You can read some words about the journey here.

This post is to help us continue, hopefully for another 10 Years. As I’m sure you’re aware it’s a somewhat terrifying time to be a small business, especially one in the publishing industry. The cost of printing is sky-high, adverts are down hugely, BUT we love what we’re creating and we’re more determined than ever to make it work and to keep producing these beautiful journals that hopefully bring a little light into the world.

So how can you help? Firstly, more than anything, the best thing you can do is to subscribe. We know it’s big chunk of money, especially if you’re outside the UK, so you can now pay monthly! The payment is spread across 10 months, and you’ll get the next three issues shipped directly to your door. Follow the PayPal button below to sign-up for the pay monthly. It starts from just £3.75 per month. Look out too for the Gold Subscription – this will get you the next 3 issues, a GFP bookmark, a choice of a limited edition A4 print (see below), and other exciting extras along the way.

Visit our Journal page to set up a monthly subscription. You can also buy a subscription out-right. Just head to our shop here


What else?

Well, we have two very special limited edition Ten Years of Tears birthday prints! Available in A4 or A3 with free UK shipping. 50% of the price going to Trussell Trust, a brilliant org working to stop UK hunger and poverty.

Head to the shop to choose your fave:


Issue Six Secret pre-order

If you’d rather take a chance on just one journal rather than the next three, you can pre-order Issue Six now. We’ll unveil the full contents next week, so it’s at a special reduced price until then, as a thank you for taking a chance on us. Buy it here.



You can sponsor us from as little as a $1 a month, which gets you access to special playlists, and free digital albums carefully curated by us!

Full details here:


Tell a friend!

Honestly, word of mouth is still such a huge thing for us. Algorithms consistently and deliberately stop our content and posts reaching you and we don’t have budget to throw at Zuckerberg so if you know of a friend who might like what we do, please send them our way!


Thank you for being here! It’s always meant the very most.

If you have any questions about any of the above, drop us an email:

mail (at) goldflakepaint (dot) co (dot) uk


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