Kid Flicks | Textiles

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Where Kid Flicks’ first two LPs were sumptuous solo offerings from the bedazzled mind of Athens-based craftsman Nickos Dervisis, the project’s third full-length, set for release in March 2016, fleshes KF out into a blossoming, bustling band. Lifted from said record, new track Textiles, which we’re very pleased to share with you today, continues Dervisis’ knack for crafting homespun songs with just as much emphasis on Eastern vibes as more standard pop fare.

As you might expect from the title, the new track is a textural delight, a wash of colours presented in various and varying forms throughout the five-and-a-half minutes that it rumbles on for. Backed by a suitably erratic electronic-backing, that often threatens to destabilise the whole thing, it’s Dervisis’ subdued vocal that holds ‘Textiles’ together, binding all the colourful extremities together just long enough for the track to be presented in the scintillating form that it takes, departing with a sharp, fizzling, Middle Eastern outro.

A bold first-step, with the kind of infectious demeanour that will last well in to the new year, you can stream the new track below right now.


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