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by tom johnson

With the ability to write songs that feel like the last evening night solemnly dissolving in to the night, Wisconsin’s Haunter will release their new album, Worm, on December 14th, and the final track to be unveiled before the release makes for a wonderfully meditative journey, albeit one that comes to a close long before you wish it could.

Rolling to a close just before the three-minute mark, new track “Underwater” is a beautifully crafted slice of fragile guitar pop that weaves half-submerged vocals with drifting, compelling guitar lines, something like Yo La Tengo played at half-speed during the aftermath of a wildly important life moment. Settling beautifully in to the slow-core genre that has become their staple since the release of 2012’s self-titled debut, “Underwater” is a subtle and captivating entry-point to the new record – check out the equally compelling new video below.


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