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Happy You



words by tom johnson

An ongoing – somewhat experimental project – since their High School days, Happy You is primarily focused around its three core members of Big Thief’s James Krivchenia, who also plays with GFP-faves Mega Bog, Peter Walters of Bears, and Matt Bachmann also of Mega Bog and performs solo as the also-very-good NYC project Big Eater.

As CVs go then, Happy You’s is a somewhat formidable résumé, and their brilliant new EP – simply-title EP2 – more than lives up to such a billing, twisting and turning through four detailed alt-rock compositions that veer between playful experimentation and something altogether more solid.

Opening track ‘1988 Map Of The World‘ is certainly the former of those two reference points, a drifting instrumental, markedly different from the remaining three tracks. Of that trio ‘Feelings‘ is buoyant indie-rock, the rigid instrumental backing meeting a far lighter vocal that slips in and out of focus; ‘Give Give Give‘ is a two-and-a-half minute skewed jam, all meaty chops and occasional scuzzy freak-out, while closing track ‘Taste Of The Season‘ is an unhinged 75-seconds of thickly-slabbed guitars and breezy vocals,




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