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by Adam Ross


I’m writing this on a 12-hour boat trip from Shetland to Aberdeen. It’s pretty choppy. The rest of the band have gone to lie down and have left me alone in the lounge with their abandoned drinks. Despite the fact the glasses are currently sliding across the table towards me, my increasingly queasy tummy has convinced me not to touch them.

We’re on our way home from playing a gig in Lerwick. It’s appropriate because I’d like to talk to you about another island and another gig. The island is fictional. The gig is not.

Isle of Love is the latest (and probably last…est) single to be taken from our album Clumsy Knot which came out last year. It’s an ode to islands. I think the word “twee” is sometimes unfairly bandied about but, this time, I absolutely hold my hands up. The song is all-out sentimental, romantic and idealised. But it had to be. It’s full of nostalgia for the Scottish islands I visited as a kid as well as willful self-delusion that it’s the kind of utopia where I could one day end up.

We’re releasing it on a tweetow– sorry, teatowel – complete with download codes for the single plus remixes by artists such as Kill The Waves,The Cormorant, Carbs and Akira. The remixers were going to be themed according to the song lyrics but you’ll notice we gave up after the first two. The Cormorant is our drummer Iain and Akira is our guitarist Andy. Our violinist Heather also performs in Kill The Waves who have a debut album coming out soon. Carbs are Jonnie Common (gull) and Jamie from Conquering Animal Sound. Carbs performed at our second ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’ all-day music and comedy event. And I’d like to tell you about our third.

I Can’t Dance To This Music #3 is happening on Saturday 21st March at Glasgow’s CCA and I’m really excited about it. The previous two events have been so much fun. They’re DIY events so it means putting a bit more work in but it definitely pays off. We’ve also been fortunate to work with some very nice, very helpful people along the way. The previous two events have been really good-natured affairs. They both sold-out and we had indie legends like BMX Bandits and Ballboy playing alongside amazing newcomers like Chrissy Barnacle and Skinny Dipper.

This time around, the lineup includes cult DIY heroes from the world of music (Viking Moses) and comedy (Josie Long) as well as three amazingly funny local comedians Andrew Learmonth, Paul McDaniel and Richie Brown. There will be a solo appearance from the extraordinary Withered Hand who shares a label (Fortuna Pop) with feel-good indie poppers Tigercats who are travelling up from London for the event. Martin John Henry from De Rosa has teamed up with Gillian Fleetwood from The State Broadcasters to form a new duo called Henry & Fleetwood and they’ll be playing songs from their gorgeous new EP. Kate Lazda from Kid Canaveral will be opening the gig with a rare performance of solo tunes and there’ll be a set from the reliably mesmeric eagleowl. We’ll also have Casio-tinged thunder-pop (I don’t know what that means. The seasickness is kicking in.) from Prehistoric Friends who I first saw perform live on – would you believe it?! – the ISLAND of Eigg at Lost Map’s Howin’ Fling festival.

So that brings me back to where I started. Kind of. I think it’s going to be a really fun day. Our friends at Glasgow’s Titan Props are going to decorate the venue with island-themed paraphernalia as well as furniture, lighting and a tasteful amount of taxidermy from their warehouse.

Come along.

Buy a teatowel.

Night night.


Tickets for ‘I Can’t Dance To This Music’ #3 are on sale now; buy them here

The event takes place this Saturday, March 21st, at Glasgow’s CCA


Clumsy Knot LP by Randolph’s Leap is out now.

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