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by ellis jones


“This is a playlist that I sent to Roxy (bass), Dan (drums), Stefano (guitar), and MJ (producer) before we recorded ‘Seems Unfair’, I guess to give an idea of what I thought the album might sound like. I don’t know whether it does sound like any of these songs. Also I have tried to remember why I put the songs on the playlist.”


Lucky Charm by Apples in Stereo

I guess for the jangle and the amount of space it feels like there is.

Sad Tomorrow by The Muffs

For how it sounds so pop and also pretty heavy. And the harmonies in the bridge.

Hindsight by Built To Spill

Just as an example of a ‘full’ indie-rock sound that I think is not obnoxious.

Peanut Butter by Krill

I guess for the sharpness and dissonance of it. And the lyrics and delivery.

Taboo! by Very Fresh

For being jangly not in an easy-way-out sort of way.

The End of A Perfect Day by Kirsty MacColl

‘Kite’ was the record I listened to most around this time, it’s so good.

Lucky You by The Lightning Seeds

For the arrangement, the way the parts come in and out.

If You Need Someone by The Field Mice

For the jangle and I guess the feel of it.

Meteoroid from the Sun Strikes a Dead Weirdo by The Gerbils

For how dry it sounds and how ramshackle and how good the drums are.

Ambition by Subway Sect

For the enthusiasm I guess. Apparently the weird pinball noises were added afterwards without the band’s consent but they are obviously the best thing about it.

Maybe After He’s Gone by The Zombies

I guess the thing here was how full and close the harmonies are.

You Tell Me Where by The New Pornographers

Kind of how the structure works but also just how good the melodies are.

I Didn’t Understand by Elliott Smith

For how the double-tracked vocals sound and for how it might make someone feel.


Seems Unfair is released on October 30th.

Order it here.

The band are currently on tour with Speedy Ortiz, find the full set of dates here.



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