Good Morning TV

First EP


by tom johnson

Already gathering pace in their French homeland, since its release in early July, Good Morning TV’sFirst EP‘ is a marvellous blend of swirling shoegaze-esque guitars and swooning vocals which seems to bury itself further in to your conscience with each listen and, as such, more than deserves a space in the summer playlist.

While Good Morning TV is, in fact, the solo project of one Bérénice Deloire, this new EP itself is a collaboration with producer Barth Bouveret and her new-found band members, and they flood every inch of the space her with a wonderfully fluid, deceptively powerful flood of noise.

Lead track ‘Ordinary People’ is a searing example of this, the track skipping along all summery and refined before suddenly giving way to a barrage of noise that threatens to overpower the entire thing. It doesn’t, of course, and Deloire’s glorious voice is allowed to continue on through the rest of the EP. Through the shimmering-but-chaotic three-minutes of ‘Strangle’, and the bubbling, sultry intensity of ‘Advice For A Lonesome Body’, before closing track ‘Stormrider’ repeats that opening trick of swelling beautifully in to life and powering in to fearsome final third after the most doe-eyed of beginnings.

All-in-all this is a wonderfully crafted EP, one that is able to suddenly switch the overriding atmosphere thanks to the Deloire’s always compelling voice and then the way she lets it all fall apart around her. Bold and very, very, big, it’s a brilliant introduction to an artist that should be heralded both at home and abroad. Stream it below.


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photograph by antoine magnien

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