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Good Air

“Mistral 2000”


words by sammy maine

It’s more important than ever to enjoy the small moments in our crappy lives. The ones where we pause for breath and notice a cracked smile from our downtrodden friend or feel the sun on our face after weeks of darkened mornings; where everything seems to suddenly move slower. Despite the somewhat saddened tones of Los Angeles artist Good Air – aka Steve Marsiano –  he manages to encompass this living-in-the-moment ethos with his dreamy new track “Mistral 2000” and as we’re in the midst of the worst month of the year, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Opening with preppy strums and super catchy chord progressions, Marsiano creates a vivid imagery of being young and silly and regretful and relentless. Flashing memories weave through his cinematic lyricism, as he talks of losing a connection with someone half-way across the country but by recounting his cherished recollections, “Mistral 2000” somehow manages to feel hopeful, optimistic even.

“Your cheeks, red lights, aglow in the night, I think I feel it now and I think it feels right,” he offers, creating an intimate echo of juvenility and all the sweet, small moments that manage to secure themselves in our subconscious. While “Mistral 2000” is perhaps an exercise in regret, its execution makes it an anthem for anyone who has ever loved and lost and that relatable vulnerability is what makes it feel so authentic. You can listen to it below.


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