The transition from Winter into Spring is always a wonderful thing. While there is much to love about the darkest months of the year, there comes a point when we all need the sunshine, a little bit of light to shine our way. The same, of course, can be said about life itself. We fight through the difficult moments and try to find a way to break through into bigger, better and brighter times. It’s these moments that make us who we are and re-define what out lives are really all about. We Are Augustines are certainly a band to whom this analogy applies. It’s there in every song they write, in every stomp of Billy McCarthy’s hefty right boot and it was certainly there when he battled the wind and the seagulls to stand up and play this wonderful acoustic version of Juarez exclusive for us here at GoldFlakePaint

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Album Review // Rise Ye Sunken Ships

GoldFlakePaint meets // We Are Augustines


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