Go Cozy

Our Best Reflections



by tom johnson

A Puerto Rican slang for describing perfect surfing conditions, Glaziao is also the name of the long-awaited debut album from DC’s Go Cozy, and there’s certainly an air of such wistful, laid-back charm to the band’s music which comes across as an somewhat gnarly take on the whole dream-pop parade. Released on April 8th via Babe City Records, the album finds the quintet bordering between resplendence and bursts of nostalgia that perhaps aren’t always obvious but certainly tunnel their way in to proceedings.

A couple of weeks ahead of the album’s full release and we’re very pleased to unveil a brand new track from it, in the sparkling shape of ‘Our Best Reflections’; a track which exemplifies this hidden curiosity that manages to seep its way in to even their most instrumentally brash concoctions. And so the guitars twist and shake with a wonderful glimmer, the whole thing runs smoothly and steadfast glimmering in the rays of sunshine, and yet you’re still left with a nugget of something like sadness, a little pining for something that you’re unable to place or shake. Check it out below.

Pre-order the ‘Glaziao’ LP via Babe City Records here

It’s released on April 8th.

The band play a release show on April 9th at Rock and Roll Hotel DC,
with Spirit of the Beehive, The El-Mansouris, The Sea Life. Tickets here



photograph by ryan florig

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