Glenn Davis

Speed It Up


by tom johnson

Despite the glorious haze of summer that penetrated from almost every inch of Way Yes’¬†wonderful, and criminally-underrated, 2013 full-length effort, Tog Pebbles, there was always a darker side lurking around the corner, a vulnerability that sometimes hit like a sucker-punch amid the dazzlingly bright instrumentation.

Founding member of said band, Glenn Davis, makes his eagerly-awaited return this summer, with a new solo effort on the Gold Robot label, and if the few tasters we’ve heard thus far are anything to go by then such sweeping melancholy is ready to leave its mark once again, albeit with a much softer, antiquated delivery. Streaming below, brand new track ‘Speed It Up‘ is resolutely measured, the kind of subtle sway that seems to act like an aural mirage of sorts; carried in on a breeze so sweet you can practically taste it. Davis’ vocal is a beautiful croon, a sepia-tinged protagonist that drifts in the ever-faithful arm of the instrumentation that takes its props from yesteryear and twists it in to something decidedly forthright.

‘Waves & Webs’ is released on July 22nd, via Gold Robot Records

You can pre-order the 12″ here

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