Giovanni Ferrario Alliance



by tom johnson

An ode to the power of sickness and the effects of medication, ‘Brush‘ is the new track from Giovanni Ferrario Alliance, taken from a brand new album that is set for release later this year via the ever-rewarding We Were Never Being Boring Collective.

Shaped by that somewhat gnarly lead vocal that sits way back in the mix, drifting occasionally to the foreground like some formless shape in a sea of shadows, the track is a swampy, imposing composition, where scattered percussive runs meet inventive guitar-pop sensibilities to create something spell-like; a dark incantation that becomes more compelling with each listen.

Or, as the man himself says…

A while ago I was next to a friend who was very ill. Despite everything he hadn’t lost his sense of humor and described to me his dreams, his visions always very clear, with even funny implications.
Brush talks about how you can reach a state of lucidity while you are sick and in treatment, under the influence, sometimes psychedelic, of heavy medication. ‘We want more, we want to stay together’, simple things in a parallel universe.


Giovanni Ferrario Alliance releases a new album in October, via WWNBB


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