Video Premiere:

Ghost Thoughts



words by sammy maine

Davina Shell’s project Ghost Thoughts provides an escape from the every day. Speaking of recent album Purple Period, she says “each track on the album is sung by a different female voice, all Canadian, and features singers from female fronted bands like Fake Tears and Supermoon, giving a unique style on each song, as well as multiplying the number of women’s voices in a male dominated industry”.

Latest track “Aristophanes” explores heartbreak and longing – the kind that makes you feel so physically empty that it hurts to even get out of bed. “I’m lonely, when she’s not with me,” she sings, empty and relinquished in her delivery. The track’s swirling guitar marks a kind of darkened dream pop, with the percussion acting as a breath, slowing down to a gentle exhale during the song’s most vulnerable moments.

And it’s this vulnerability that mimics the strikingly beautiful visuals for “Aristophanes” – a gentle protest in the face of adversity. Shot and edited by backinasec, with help from serferverkerder and hanners, the video sees Shell strip down in liberation – free from the worries and constraints of her inner-world and crafting another in its place. It’s powerful, sensitive and freeing and you can watch it below.


Purple Period is out now

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