GoldFlakePaint is very pleased to premiere the new video from the delightful Katie Malco. Sad Eyes is taken from last years Alcopop-released ‘Katie Malco & The Slow Parade‘ EP and is also being given away as a free download as of now, so grab yourself a copy via the link below.

We asked Katie for some words about the video and she dutifully obliged;

// I wrote the words for Sad Eyes on a long train journey, to a place I was moving to a long time ago, about a person I was leaving behind who once said to me; “You have the saddest eyes I have ever seen.” A few years later it turned in to the song you hear today, and so I recorded it along with some other tunes, and then released an EP called Katie Malco & the Slow Parade on Alcopop Records. My excellent friend and flat-mate made the video for it with me. We did it at home, using all my personal things (including my superb porn guitar and my ceramic Alsatian dog amongst other things), and had some beers. It took a day to film. It was a good day. We tried to go to the park to do a scene with a tree, but we were too drunk and lazy, and it was too cold and windy.

(Dan Hankinson, thanks for the video, and for the hugs and high fives when I get home after a long day) //


Free download // Katie Malco – Sad Eyes;

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You can buy The Slow Parade EP from the Alcopop! shop here


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