You may have noticed that we have a little thing for Johnny Foreigner here at GFP. The bands new album Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything received the first 10/10 we’ve ever given and we followed it up with a huge interview with front-man Lex. Now in return the band have sent GoldFlakePaint, and you of course, a present in the form of three mix-tapes (one from each member of the band) containing the songs that inspired them while making their wonderful new record.

Here’s a little note from Lex to explain things a little more;

“hello. we thought that with all exposure our music is getting and the praise being lavished on us recently (10/10 in the nme!!), it’d be a nice break for you all not to have to listen to/talk about us for a few hours. Don’t worry tho, we’re still in the background being awesome! Imagine we all have a massive crush on you, and because we are niche indie snobs, mixtapes are our only form of self expression. snog, marry, avoid?

nb – please dont answer that question, it will only bring tears.”
So there you have it folks; snog, marry or avoid? Here are each of their choices to make that decision a little easier. Also, because we’re nice, you can download the entire thing via the link below until someone tells us off.
Alexei Vs Everything
1.  The Prefects – Barbarella
2. Urusei Yatsura – Thank You
3. Lifter Puller – Math Is Money
4. Uffie – Ready To Uff
5. Meneguar – The Temp
6. Cursive – The  Lament Of A Pretty Baby
7. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
8. Sparklehorse – Chaos Of The Galaxy/Happy Man
9. The Starries –  Feature 85
10. dEUS – Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)

Junior Vs Everything
1. Distophia – Thug Passion
2. Film School – Umes Lament
3. Gentle Friendly – Clean Breaker
4. Times New Viking – Fuck Her Tears
5. The Notwist – Gloomy Planets
6. Rooftops – Raft Easily
7. Pinback –  Good To Sea
8. Fugazi – Epic Problem
9. My Psychoanalyst – Next Time You See Me I Will Be Covered In Hair
10. The Pharcyde – Hey You

Kelly Vs Everything
1.  Deerhoof – Top Tim Rubies
2. Cay – Better Than Myself
3.  The Sea and Cake – Windowsills
4. Otis Redding – Cigarettes & Coffee
5. Screaming Maldini – The Albotross
6. Broken Social Scene – Cause = Time
7. Hot Club De Paris – Let Go Of Everything
8. Distophia – Starvation Cove
9. Ace Bushy Striptease – Bitte Orca
10. Tubelord – Ratchet

*       *      *

Download all three mixtapes  ‘Johnny Foreigner – Us Vs Everything’ right here.


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