Bleed Electric are giving away, not only every single track on their latest EP ‘Let the Invasion Begin’ for free, which is set to be released February 29th, but also exclusive artwork downloads for every track too. The artwork was created by Chris “MUG5” Maguire for each individual track and is his visual representation of the symbolism and imagery that’s heard aurally within the composition of each track (for more MUG5 original artwork go here – If you like what you see or hear, why not download it and it to your MP3 player, or print it out and frame it for your wall?

GoldFlakePaint are offering you Cry Little Sister to stream and download free, also included is the custom artwork that you can view above and download here:

Listen and Download Cry Little Sister

Cry Little Sister’s Story

A visual adaptation of the song by the same name by Bleed Electric. “Cry Little Sister” discusses family heritage, where we all originated from, where we are all going and the pain endured along the way – be that the pain of love, loss, death or anything else. With hat tips towards angels, space and time travel, “Cry Little Sister” showcases the ability to elevate oneself to a higher plain. Facing god and braving hell, “Cry Little Sister” breaks the listener free to explore their inner-selves without the shackles currently holding them down.

Let the Invasion Begin Track List;


Cry Little Sister


Boost Your 1’s

Cherry Bomb

Eight Years Late For Dinner

To check out the previous track Trinity head on over to The next track will be Gravity, which will be found tomorrow at

To pre-order the whole EP click here

To find out more about the band, check out the links below;





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