Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure | Prisoner II


by Tom Johnson

While the name may entertains notions of some dystopian electro-pop band, Zygmunt Day & Echo Pressure have crafted something wholly organic on new single ‘Prisoner II‘, a near five-minute stretch of brass-led instrumentation and harmonious vocal calls which brings a hearty gust of melodrama to the flattest of days.

The type of track that seems to do so much with the most minimal of effort, the track is a splendidly vibrant creation, cherry-picked for release from the bands most-recent LP which dropped earlier this year. By which, I mean the track feels effortless, not lacking of. Drums roll, keys are bashed, the flurries of brass drop in and out, and yet, despite this heady cocktail of components, everything feels completely in its right place. Existing – thriving, even – because it can and because it does.

Backed by an Uther Moads remix which does justice to the aforementioned unworldly inclinations, and a new B-side featuring guest vocals from GFP fave Sophie Jamieson (also streaming below), ‘Prisoner II‘ is a worthy addition to 2014’s singles parade. Check it all out below.


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