Viscous Liquid | If I Go

By Rachael Scarsbrook

When something gets described to you as ‘jangly surf pop’ there’s not a bone in my body that would have a bad word to say about it; so enter Viscous Liquid and their excellently slack upbeat track ‘If I Go’, all set to tickle your surf-y senses.

Whilst we all bemoan not being at Coachella for the millionth year on the trot, somehow ‘If I Go’ makes life seem that little bit better and brings a slice of Cali into your life – thankfully minus the atrocious fashion of under-butt that soiled the eyes of many a Coachella goers weekend. Viscious Liquid have tapped into that ideological Cali slacker spirit with downbeat vocals mixed with sunny guitars, which makes for a little something that I, in my infinite wisdom (read: sat on my sofa), have dubbed Daria-pop; downbeat music but still brilliantly enjoyable. Listen to the track below and be sure to grab the full EP here.

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