Thee Ahs | Does It Still Count

by LJ Kessels

Thee Ahs describe themselves as “black bubble-gum indiepop”, a darkness veiled by sweet hooks. Like a dark Adams Family-esque comedy or figures from ones youth, a Beetlejuice covered in black and white stripes. The music reminds a bit of the Riot Grrrl scene from the early 90’s; a nice dose of fuck-you attitude with fun riffs.

Does It Still Count‘ is a call and response, where one can imprint ones own narrative back-story. For example in the last line: “Does it still count if I didn’t scream?!” Could refer to any number of situations where one is suppose to scream, from pain or from ecstasy. Is one still dead if one didn’t scream at the moment of being stabbed? Did you still come if you where quiet all along?

The track is released courtesy of Bird Tapes and Jigsaw Records in anticipation of Thee Ahs third album Corey’s Coat-hangers, to be released mid-march. Listen below.

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