The River Monks | Beasts [GFP premiere]

by Tom Johnson

Oh, America. I miss you even though we’ve never really known each other. I miss you because you’ve always been there, casting spells and shadows over everything I love. I miss you because despite the sheer size and scale of you, it’s really the finer details that matter the most to me. The size of the skies. The wild prairies. The great industrial cities. Roads that run alongside rail tracks for miles and miles and miles. I’m yet to find them myself but I know they are there, just waiting.

I know they are there because bands like The River Monks make songs like Beasts – and I can hear it all. In the gorgeous harmonies, the shuffling percussion, that sun-kissed instrumentation that drifts alongside it all like the softest of breezes. It feeds in to everything; giving it a wide-eyed sincerity, a full, beating heart and a sense of optimism that’s all-but inescapable.

‘Beasts‘ is the brilliant first single from the bands forthcoming new full-length – Home Is The House – which is set for release on May 20th, and we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of the track below.

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