Tape Waves | Looking Around

by Tom Johnson

Delivered with the kind of enigmatic grace that says more in its hushed silences than the voice which provides the tracks swooning narrative, ‘Looking Around‘ is the latest track to be released from Tape Waves forthcoming full-length and its soft, unhurried sway already looks set to provide the Summer with one of its most discerning soundtracks.

The project of Kim and Jarod Weldin (IRL husband and wife duo)  Tape Waves hail from South California and their locality slowly seeps from ever corner of this beautifully affecting new ballad. The full album is released at the end of this month – via the ever-flourishing Bleeding Gold Records – and if Looking Around’s expressive sense of tenderness continues through the rest of the album then we’re in for something very special indeed. Check it out below.


Bleeding Gold Records

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