TĀLĀOn My Own In Hua Hin

by LJ Kessels

Starting with the energy of her Iranian background one is compelled into a turn of the century rave complete with intricate laser show. TĀLĀ’s electronic pop on ‘On My Own In Hua Hin’, which is the final track on TĀLĀ’s debut EP ‘The Duchess’ that just has been released on June 2nd by the Aesop label, sweeps one away from the start. It is one of those tracks that have one singing along even if one hasn’t heard it before. A party on a beach with big bonfires or a sweaty warehouse gig wouldn’t be complete without a song like this setting off the crowd into reverie.

Something that is supported by the fact that the 12’’ on the Aesop shop was nearly sold-out a few days after being released. But don’t fret it is still available on iTunes and there will surely be fresh pressings in the making. Take a listen to it below.

 Buy The Duchess EP in 12″ vinyl here.

Buy it from iTunes here.


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