Sun Angels | A Drink Before The War

by Tom Johnson

A knowing that it’s all there in front of you. The fast approaching tide, the loss of any other path. There’s no where to run or hide and so we stop and we breathe deeply and we wait. We wait with our eyes wide open and heaving chests laid to rest. We call it the calm before the storm but really there is no calm. There is strength and sadness. Hope and frailty. Two worlds combining and creating something utterly new. It is out of our hands but these hands are made for building and so wherever we awake we can start again. But we’re not there yet. This world is still ours. The precipice is right there in front of us but it belongs to us. We marvel at it, laugh in the face of it. We stand above it and look down upon it all and when the Sun makes the first move, and when the soft morning wind catches the very edge of our cuticles we throw ourselves in to it, stronger and harder than we ever imagined we could, and we smile because the choice to do so is ours and ours alone, whether that’s the truth or not.

Sun Angels‘ is taken from a three-track single, released via Cascine’s digital singles sub-label CSCN.

Stream it in full here.


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