Sophie Jamieson | Stain

by Tom Johnson

Is a promise a promise if it’s out of our hands?

I can forget if you need…

If only it was as easy as that. If only it was as simple as just choosing to forget. Ruminations cast away in the blink of an eye, discarded like litter in a bin. Gone, forgotten and never to return. History tells us all that this is never the case, however. It tells us that minds can be fickle and weak, in spite of our demands, and that memories can sit like stains upon days whether we want them to or not, no matter how hard we try to polish the surface and erase the misgivings.

Sophie Jamieson knows this. She knows this even as the words fall out of her mouth promising otherwise, as the soft sigh of her vocals cling to the hope that maybe this time things might be different, maybe this time she can just forget, if that’s what required. The track is called ‘Stain‘ and forms one-half of a brand new two-track single which sees the light of day in May, via LuvLuvLuv. Gloomily atmospheric, haunting throughout, and crafted with the kind of temperament that could crack at any given moment, it’s a majestically realised work and one of the years stand-out moments. Listen below.

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