SMLH | Neon Visions

by Tom Johnson

Those of you with impressive memories and keen ears may remember SMLH; someone we first featured on the site close to a year ago when the then sixteen year old grabbed our attention with a self-titled EP full of fiery passion and touches of sparkling craft which belied his tender years. Now at the mighty age of Seventeen, Sam Higgins returns with a new two-track single and we’re extremely pleased to share one-half of that with you today.

Channeling the grandiose sights and sounds of contemporaries such as Youth Lagoon and Mac DeMarco, ‘Neon Visions‘ is magnificent; a punch-drunk sway of Summery guitar lines and scratchy, torched vocals which bewitch and enchant as they fight for the front-seat. It’s this juxtaposition between the gnarliness of his voice and the sweetly melodic instrumentation which most impresses, pushing and pulling the listener through constantly shifting panorama’s; jagged then smooth, turbulent then calm. The age-old conflict of dark vs light, of good vs evil. We highly recommend you check it out below.

You can get ‘Neon Visions‘ now via Bandcamp.


Photograph by Photo by Micah E. Wood

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