Sleeping Loops | Blunders


by tom johnson

Existing in a mystical fog all of its own creation, ‘Blunders‘ is the alarmingly pretty, beautifully cumbersome new track from Sleeping Loops, and a more fitting soundtrack to a sodden Monday you’re unlikely to find.

Available as a free download via Soundcloud and elegantly delivered by the ever-impressive Love Our Records (home to our recent crush, Hunter Jones) there’s little bluster surrounding the track’s release but it more than takes care of itself; quietly swarming beneath the surface of the day to produce a gentile moment of sincere escapism.

Acting as a solidifying hum, the somewhat buried vocal is the blurred lines that keep the whole piece together, while the soft drone of the backing instrumentation and the slight intricacies of guitar wander in and out, dazed too, it seems, by the impeccable inertness that slowly takes a shape, a faint shadow, ghostly and unobtrusive.


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