Roman Ruins | Loved One

by Tom Johnson

Having toured and recorded with both Beach House and Papercuts over the past few years, Graham Hill could be forgiven for concentrating on background responsibilities but thankfully for all of us, July will see the release of his second full length, once again via the wonderful Gold Robot Records.

Released in early 2012, Roman Ruins debut ‘Homebuilding‘ LP was a perfect blend of ambience and pop, full of heart-warming melodies and rich instrumentation. ‘Loved One‘ is the first taste of new material from Hill and it seems as if his beautifully realised blueprint is very much the same this time around. The percussion is lovely and soft, allowing the playful keys and whimsical vocals the space to dance around with each other, arms locked, gazes fixed, two perfect forms held together as one. Check it out now and see below for pre-order details.

Source Of Pride is released on 15th July, via Gold Robot Records.

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