Psymon Spine | Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels


by joanie wolkoff

What does Psymon Spine reveal to us on ‘Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels‘ their shiny new single? According to well-worn cellar trope, someone creaks open open the foreboding door and inches their way down an iffy staircase. But in founding members Peter Spears and Noah Prebish’ version, dance beats fly up into into your face at a bat-out-of-hell clip and lavish vocal harmonies beckon from the darkness. Polished to a finespun gleam by Crystal Fighters’ Graham Dickson, Eric’s Basement pulsates with fuzzy synths and liquid string arrangements.

So where, dear reader, do those titular tunnels run to and from? Wending its way through the Western Hemisphere, Psymon Spine’s forthcoming self titled EP boasts tracks written on the five-piece band’s bi-coastal peregrinations in the US. To boot, they threw Mexico City and Costa Rico into the mix, resulting musically in loads of vaporous sweeps, swells of sidechained electro bass and female vocals at moments reminiscent of mid 90’s Stereolab. Once you’re acquainted with Eric’s Basement, you can mosey you way over to the open house tour on May 19th, when the EP’s slated to release via an Axis Mundi Records.

The band release a self-titled EP later this month.


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