Poor Things | No Way, José


by tom johnson

With a languid wave of their most veritable of arms, Glasgow’s Poor Things have returned with a charmingly breezy new track and in the same movement unveiled the first taste of the next release from the much-adored Gerry Loves Records label – a split four-way 7″ EP out later this Summer.

While the full details of the release are yet to be unveiled, No Way José is a more than unifying starting point, whetting appetites and shaking days in one fell swoop of charmingly languid vocal deliveries, brazen runs of guitar and enough sentiment to sink all the ships in the Clyde. That it wraps all of this up within three minutes is perhaps the tracks most endearing facet, the track coming across like a full-bodied snapshot of something far bigger; we only get a fleeting glimpse of the story but it hits like a hammer regardless. An assertive, bold and brilliant next step from the band; a full intriguing introduction to the project which houses it. Listen below.




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