Passenger Peru | Dirt Nap

by Lieke Kessels

The duel vocals of Passenger Peru, produced by it’s two members Justin Stivers and Justin Gonzales, echo through ‘Dirt Nap’ the second single of their forthcoming self-titled album, available from 28th January through Fleeting Youth Records.

The album is a result from writing and recording sessions in Brooklyn basements and quiet locations in the foothills of the Alaskan wilderness. The combination of an urban wilderness and a solitary landscape is audible on the record. Is it that the vocals and instrumentals are bouncing of the walls of the city or the trees of an unkempt forest, it is a ‘lovely time for dreaming’, as the song goes, as one sways away on a synth interlude of Neo-Psychedelia.

Passenger Peru came from Justin Stivers (bassist on The Antlers album “Hospice”, Pet Ghost Project), who found in Justin Gonzales a brilliant multi-instrumental companion to produce wondrous musical sounds with a gnawing raw edge with.

Pre-order the EP here.

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