Mumrunner | Bond

by tom johnson

There are times when it feels like these words are just dropping unnoticed into an endless void that someone once described as ‘the internet’, but every now and again we get little reminders that what we do here can, you know, make a difference. Earlier this week we got an email from Nick from Soliti, a wonderful Finish label home to the likes of Cats Of Transnistria, Astrid Swan, Big Wave Riders and a whole bunch more, introducing us to the brand new track from Mumrunner – a band, it transpired, they signed after reading thisIntroducing‘ post of ours last year. Lovely, eh?

After that somewhat self-congratulatory intro (apologies but, you know…) we should also tell you that Bond, the first taster of the bands new EP is every bit as brilliant as those early tracks hinted at. Armed with a post-punk attitude but underpinned by a reckless shoegaze edge, the track hurtles through it’s near-four minute journey at break-neck speed; emphatic, often dazzling and armed with the kind of punch that you won’t be able to forget for long after the track has drawn to a close. Thanks for sound-tracking our day, Mumrunner. Thanks for reminding us why we do this, Soliti. Thanks and thanks and thanks. Check out the track below.



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